Probably One Of The Greatest Beaches Located On The North Side Of The Island Of Oahu

Part of what helps make Hawaii extremely appealing to visitors is the gorgeous beaches that we have right here. No vacation to Hawaii would be considered complete without taking time to enjoy these beaches. On the island of Oahu there are many beaches you can head over to without having to deal with the crowds at Waikiki. The trick is, knowing where you can go. In this specific article I will be sharing with you a favorite place where locals and visitors with inside info go to enjoy one day at the family beach in Hawaii when spending time on the north facet of the island.

The north facet of the island of Oahu has the reputation for getting huge waves plus great surfing conditions. This track record is well earned. It’s normal for waves to achieve 30 50 foot in height on the north shore during the winter months swell. But during the off season however, these waves do not get as high, and expose several of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

A great demonstration of one of these beaches is our famous Waimea Bay. Throughout the winter season, waves here can reach heights of 50 foot or more (which you might have seen on the news). But during the off season the water may be as flat as a sheet of glass. This is one of the beaches that I’d greatly endorse for anybody coming to Oahu during the off season and wants to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach without having to deal with the crowds plus stress of Waikiki. The bay can be found on the north facet of the island and can easily be found on any map. It takes approximately forty five minutes to an hour to get there from Waikiki, so you better leave early.