Effectiveness Of Promotional Products Like Promotional Pens

When companies decide to invest in promotional products they are taking a risk. Firstly, they are spending money as these products cost a lot. Secondly, their reputation is also on the line when they create marketing campaigns. If the campaign fails, the brand suffers a lot.

Moreover, if the promotional product fails, there would be no takers for the product. Thus, there will be a pile of inventory but no customers willing to use them. The effectiveness of a promotional product depends on a variety of factors. First being the choice of product. Popular products include apparel like t-shirts, caps, writing instruments like promotional pens, pencils, bags, drink-ware like sports water bottles, promotional stubby holders etc. Some products are very popular among customers because of their functional use. But do popular products equal good brand promotion? Not necessarily. Let us take the example of a t-shirt, which has a brand logo at the back. From a brand perspective it is great exposure. The logo can be well placed and be visible from a distance too. But how often can people wear your brand t-shirt? Compare this to a printed pen.

The pen provides limited space. But the single most advantage of these pens is that they are used by all and customers can use them every day of their life. This provides far more brand exposure. Other thing important is the quality of the graphics you use. Bad graphics have distorted logo proportions and wrong colors. When the brand is not represented in the best light, you can’t blame customers who don’t remember you.

The quality of the product also matters. Let us assume you have a particular budget in your mind and you have selected a product. Now this product may be available in 2 qualities. One of them is inferior to the other but fairly lower in cost. You can decide to go here for the inferior product and purchase more quantities or pick the expensive product but purchase limited quantity. Your inferior product will definitely reach more of an audience but may not have the desired impact. On the other hand, the good product may reach only a handful but these people will appreciate your brand and turn into brand ambassadors for you. So it is actually a matter of quality over quantity to sustain your brand reputation.